Tarot and Related Happenings

I have been interested in all things esoteric for as long as I can remember. I have dabbled through the years in what I always perceive to have been a ‘double’ life… living two paths simultaneously. I have of course realised how ridiculous this is and that it has been far far more than just two simultaneous pathways… sigh!

Along with other aspects of what I do, my reading of the cards has taken a huge leap recently after several years now of concentrated effort (though unfortunately not as constant as I would have liked) and this, linked to my ‘spiriteric’ life has opened up, exponentially, more doors and connections, one to help the other and mutually beneficial. More recently, I have been trying various different ways of reading, using different ‘connections’ within the process of reading and using various different, dare I say it, mediums! (gotta laff eh?). I have not got it all completely sorted yet but every reading I give is something to learn from as well as giving from. Amazing stuff happens.

Opera House Ceiling

Opera House Ceiling


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